SBrand is the right team to work collaboratively with stakeholders, partners, community groups, board members, and staff because we know how to ask the right questions, framed in the right way, with the right people in the room (the R3 principle). Formed in 2011 by Sheryl Trent, SBrand Solutions has a unique expertise in working with clients to solve problems and “fill in the blanks”.

This is what makes us different: We have a unique perspective on creating consensus-based solutions, and an innovative (and proven) method of stakeholder and community engagement. Driven by our expert professional facilitation, the information and feedback we gather will create a clear path for the future. We use a strategic framework and proven methodology that not just encourages but requires diversity, equity, and inclusivity to get the best result.


Hours of facilitated meetings last year


Training webinars on Facilitation held last month


Clients implementing their new strategic plan

Here’s why SBrand Solutions is the right collaborative partner for you:


In-Depth Strategic Planning Experience: From clients who have never had a strategic plan to clients with sophisticated plans in place, across the country, we have facilitated hundreds of workshops and webinars and have decades of strategic planning experience.

Certified Facilitators: With a Certified Master Facilitator:tm: and several Certified Virtual Facilitators:tm: on the team, we have conducted thousands of facilitated meetings on a wide range of topics. Sheryl is also certified by Cornell University in Diversity and Inclusion™.

We Know Local Government and Nonprofit Work: We have a depth of experience working with government and nonprofit clients. We understand the industry, finance, governance, regulations, and the typical issues faced by your agency.

Organizational Assessment Experts: 28 years of personal experience improving organizational culture, building effective teams, and developing stronger governance gives us an unmatched level of expertise.

Results-Based Approach: Our Implementation Plans are realistic, actionable, measurable, and designed to create sustainable success

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"Best strategic planning session I’ve participated in."

"Very productive meeting. Kept things moving and kept us engaged!  Thank you!"

"Sheryl did a great job engaging our Board of Directors on vision and transformational strategies."