The SBrand team is a diverse group of professionals with expertise in a wide range of areas including government finance, economic development, community development, parks and recreation, public works, community safety, civic engagement, team assessments, board training, and much more. We limit our clients to provide the exceptional service that is our hallmark and can customize our results and interaction to meet each client’s specific needs.

Sheryl has served as the Economic Development Director for two major communities in Colorado, and as the Urban Renewal Authority Executive Director. She has administered CDBG programs, served as staff and Board member to/on various private and public nonprofit organizations, and consulted to various private and public partnerships in public service.

As well as 28 years of local government experience, she is one of fewer than 45 Certified Master Facilitators in the world and is a Certified Virtual Facilitator. She also holds a certification from Cornell University in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Her real-life experience includes managing strategic plans, comprehensive plans, multimillion-dollar capital projects, economic development agencies, and Urban Renewal Authorities; and in combination with her nonprofit board service her experience gives her a unique understanding of the needs of her clients.

She designed SBrand Solutions to “help fill in the blanks” for her clients: local governments, nonprofits, special districts, and other organizations. She and her team of experts travel across the country guiding a customized process grounded in proven methodologies to create strategic, sustainable success. Sheryl is also recognized by her work with elected Boards in the areas of team building, board development and board training. She is a preferred consultant in these areas for the State of Colorado and has worked with hundreds of clients in board retreats.

She serves on the board of the International Institute for Facilitation, the world’s leading institution for facilitation research and innovative learning. She is a member of the Association for Strategic Planning, the National Center for Deliberative Debate, the Colorado Municipal League, the Colorado City/County Manager’s Association, and a regular speaker and contributor to various platforms on facilitation and inclusion.
We have attached the required references as well as a list of representative projects and wanted to create a short list of clients for your review.

Sheryl Trent

Aden Hogan

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Aden has over 35 years of experience in the public sector as a city manager and has a special talent for developing team members and leaders.  He is uniquely qualified to work on emergency management issues, having managed the Oklahoma City bombing response, the 2013 flood response in northern Colorado, and other major incidents.  He has served as Interim City Manager in various locations throughout the country and is well known as a keynote speaker on leadership.

Anthony Ruiz is a virtual assistant with over four years of administrative, customer service, and financial statements experience. His philosophy is to return your work at the highest quality while enjoying the process. He is an Honors Graduate from the University of California-Sacramento and an avid Disney fanatic!

Anthony Ruiz

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Dallas Everhart

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Dr. Everhart partners with individuals, organizations and businesses to improve Performance.  Dallas has a unique combination of experience in leadership, management and finance, in both the public and private sectors, and extensive academic training in business, psychology and leadership.

Don is a retired law enforcement officer of thirty years with the City of Fort Collins. His work includes consulting as an expert witness in use of force cases; serving as the Section Chair for the National Tactical Officers Association; conducting training for law enforcement agencies across the country; serving on international law enforcement boards; and contributing technical articles for national magazines. 

Don Whitson

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Jacque is the CEO/Managing Partner for Whitestone Strategies LLC, an alliance of management consultants offering specialization in local government and non-profit/governmental related management, strategic and organizational planning, executive coaching, public finance/revenue administration, sales/use tax and audit administration, economic development – business retention and recruitment (including public financings), downtown development, and contract/privatization of public services.

Jacque Wedding Scott

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Logan Steppan

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A master strategist and expert facilitator, Logan Steppan —founder and CEO of
Creek Consulting— developed his skills while studying at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. An Ozark born Missourian with entrepreneurial roots, Logan’s passion for facilitation has long been connected to government, community and policy conversations at state, local and national levels. Armed with a dual-degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice, Logan honed his craft while working with the Center for Public Deliberation and formally launched Creek Consulting in April of 2015.

Mary Trent

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Mary Trent is a skilled quality control analyst with over 25 years legal experience as a paralegal in private practice and in the federal judiciary system. Her focus of expertise is researching policies and procedures and collaborating with teams to implement and train personnel. One of her passions is educating the public on emergency preparedness and how to plan for unexpected circumstances. Mary lives with her family in Tacoma, Washington and enjoys camping and gardening.

Rick is the current Chief of Police for Evans, Colorado and has a distinguished forty-year career in law enforcement.  He serves as the Law Enforcement Chair for the Colorado Municipal League,  is well known for his work throughout the State of Colorado (having been appointed by Governor Hickenlooper to serve as the Vice Chair of Substance Abuse Trends and Response Task Force), and served in all positions on the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police.  He regularly lectures at various universities in Colorado and is a sought-after presenter across the nation.

Rick Brandt

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Shelby Whitson

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Shelby is a multi-talented graduate of Texas Christian University with a dual degree in Political Science and Communication.  She has managed successful reelection campaigns for state senators, created digital content for corporate and nonprofit clients, and directed all the communications for various political organizations. 

Zach Ratkai

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Zach Ratkai is a government collaborator and champion of the public sector with over 15 years of experience working in and with municipalities throughout Colorado and Washington. Zach holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and a Certificate in Public Management. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Geography from the University of Northern Colorado. Zach’s local government work experience includes urban and regional planning, building code administration and inspection, disaster recovery management and resiliency building, and economic development. When not working to change the paradigm in the public sector, he can be found on the lakes of northern Idaho with his family, skiing in the Blue Mountains, or at the local hockey rink. He and his family make their home in Richland, Washington.

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