Collaborative Team Development

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A collaborative team is a group of individuals who share common beliefs and work towards common

goals. Collaborative team members spend time discussing what they hope to accomplish as a team

and set team and individual goals for reaching that vision.

We use our strengths in facilitation to work with teams – elected officials, leadership staff, committees

and commissions, nonprofit groups, volunteers, and many times a mix of all of these! Our approach is

customized to each situation, but we focus on the following techniques:

Assess the team using Survey Tools (Strengthsfinder, Emergencies, Disc).

Create and clear and compelling cause to motivate participation.

Communicate expectations clearly and concisely.

Establish team goals based on a team consensus.

Leverage team member's strengths.

Foster communications, collaboration, trust, and respect among team members.

Encourage innovation and creative thinking.

Establish agreements with the team.

Recognize, reward and celebrate collaborative behavior.

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