Consensus Focused

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This is where our background shines! With Certified Master Facilitator ™ and Certified Virtual Facilitator™ team members, we specialize in creating a meeting framework that is engaging, effective and creates the specific desired outcomes. Our team handles it all: preparing meeting agendas, designing PowerPoints, creating meaningful group discussions, drafting meeting minutes, reports, and recommendations.

We have collaboratively facilitated meetings in a wide range of communities and agencies (socio economically, racially, politically, and culturally) and in groups of three up to three hundred.

About Virtual Facilitation


Virtual facilitation is NOT the same as in-person facilitation – and in many ways is more difficult and requires additional skills and techniques. We have developed some unique approaches and effective tools in our virtual facilitation sessions:

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Mailed Box Of Materials For Fun and Engagement

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Group “Exercises” and Breakout Sessions

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Whiteboard Work In Real Time

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Focused Videos During The Facilitated Session

Purposeful Breaks

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Creative Approaches Based On The Participants Feedback Prior To The Meeting

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Technical Support On Each Virtual Meeting