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Please contact us if you have a question that we haven’t answered!


Do you really customize each process and deliverable?

Yes, we do!  It started when Sheryl was responsible for hiring consultants to perform work for her organizations, and she truly disliked three things:  plans that sat on a shelf, plans that were cookie cutter, and plans that didn’t reflect the community.  So, she decided to research why these issues kept happening and designed a process and approach that created a better outcome.  Because of our methodology and our facilitative approach, these plans are truly yours and one of a kind.  You can see that from the plans on this website – each one reflects the community.

How long should the process for a strategic plan take?


That’s a tough answer – because we customize each approach!  However, from the kick off meeting to the final adoption you should plan for at least three months, and a thorough process can take up to six or even eight months (depending on how much community outreach and what level of involvement an advisory or staff group might have in the process).  We can walk you through the pros and cons or a shortened or a longer process to make sure we meet your needs. 


Can we do all our meetings virtually?

Sure!  We have several Certified Virtual Facilitators™ on our team, and we understand (especially in the era of public health concerns) that you might want to have your meetings virtually.  Please know that a virtual approach does take careful planning and often the participants need to complete some work prior to the meeting (but we’ll make the work short and fun, we promise!)  We use two facilitators on each virtual meeting to help with technical problems and managing break out sessions. 

What is your role as the facilitator?


Great question.  We view our role as your guide and support team.  We know we aren’t the experts in your organization or maybe even in your industry….but we are experts in strategic planning, organizational assessments, team building and community outreach!  We craft an approach and process using a facilitative methodology that has proven results – and we have the client testimonials to back that up.  We make sure you accomplish your outcomes on time, on budget and have some fun at the same time!

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