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Essential Facilitation Skills
LIVE Webinar Series


Ever sit through one of THOSE meetings?  Or worse, did you ever lead one of them?  You know what we’re saying:  meetings that are boring, frustrating, with no clear course of action. We can give you the tools to fix that! Our course will not only give you the tools to craft amazing meetings, workshops, and presentations so you can produce higher quality, consensus-based deliverables, but you also practice the skills that will help you and your organization excel!  If you can't make it to our in person Essential Facilitation Skills, plan on attending this course!  (Plus, this sets you up to become certified by the world's leading facilitation certification institute: INIFAC)


This 9 hour, LIVE WEBINAR Essential Facilitation Course is for anyone who needs meetings that are effective, efficient, engaging, and have real actionable results. Regardless of background or experience, this training brings value! If you lead meetings in your organization, and want to improve your skills, register now!  Past attendees have included management level, senior leadership level, elected and appointed leaders, and board members.   It's an amazing opportunity at $895.00 through the end of 2023!



Presented by Sheryl Trent, Certified Master Facilitator

Sheryl Trent is a Certified Master Facilitator and a Certified Virtual Facilitator.  The Chair of the International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC), Sheryl has been facilitating fun, energetic and engaging meetings that result in support and action for over 25 years.

Limited seating - get your spot now!  9 hour course (happening in 90 minute live courses, over three Wednesdays) will teach you the invaluable essential skills of facilitation. 

March 8, 6:30 pm - 9 pm ET

March 15, 6:30 pm - 9 pm ET

March 22, 6:30 pm - 9 pm ET

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