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Can’t sit for another second in a boring, frustrating, never-ending meeting?  Gain valuable skills for you and for your team with our Essential Facilitation Skills LIVE WEBINAR ! Get ready to learn how to develop clear deliverables, consensus-based decisions, and superior problem-solving skills for ANY meeting issues. This is a 3 week course with 2.5 hour sessions for three weeks. It is taught LIVE by a Certified Master Facilitator.  With hands on practice and a 300-page manual, you’ll leave our course feeling confident in your skills set and ready to handle any meeting. 


Why should you invest in meeting skills?

  • Efficient virtual and in person meetings are the #1 skill set employers want and need in their management team.
  • You can create real, measurable results for your team, increasing productivity and profitability.
  • Facilitation skills transfer to much more than just meetings – think about your presentations to your team, your community, your elected officials – all of those interactions will be smoother, more engaging and have better outcomes.
  • Learn inclusive engagement techniques (with unique tools and approaches) that will allow ALL voices to be heard and recognized.

Investing in one of our in-person or virtual facilitation courses will give you marketable skills.  You can also download our resources to learn at your own pace. We even have a letter you can share with your employer about the value of our course.  Let us know how we can help!

Live Webinar in March: Essential Facilitation Skills

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