Inclusive Community


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As part of our work with communities, we have successfully used innovative and customized processes

built around the concepts of inclusion and outreach.

Our Work Includes the Following

Personal Meetings

Confidential In-Person, Phone and Virtual Interviews

Online and Printed Surveys

Phone Calls, Virtual Conferences, and Emails

Facilitated In Person and Virtual Meetings

Online Engagement with all Social Media Channels: Posts, Polls

Creative Virtual Engagement Tools: Webinars, Videos, Emails

Community-Based Tools: Pop Up White Boards, Sticky Notes, Foam Core Posters

Website Design and Integration

Interactive Online Tools: Custom Maps For Walking Tours, Polls, QR Codes

Graphic Materials: Flyers, Newsletters (For Print and Online), Mailings, Press Releases, Sticky Notes

Results-Oriented Communication

An often-overlooked part of the facilitation and engagement process is the reporting and

communication. We have literally thousands of hours of public presentation and finely honed skill set in

writing and presenting reports and information.

We Think There Are Five Key Parts Of Great Communications:

Written Specifically For An Audience

Easy To Understand (No Jargon)

Designed For The Full Range Of Learning Styles

Graphic Details and Elements to Hold Interest

Deliver the Message As Intended

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We will develop a community engagement process using customized questions, innovative approaches, and unique tools. This inclusive approach will reach out to a wide and diverse range of residents, business owners, community groups, visitors and students to help inform the results

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